Hyperaudio Code of Conduct

(Community Participation Guidelines)


The Hyperaudio Team is committed to building a safe, welcoming, harassment-free culture for everyone. We not only strive for an environment that is free from hostility; but also one that is actively welcoming and inclusive. By celebrating diversity, we believe that together we can build a stronger and more welcoming community.

The Hyperaudio community is active in a number of social spaces:

  • Slack

  • GitHub

  • Twitter

  • Google Groups

And on the Hyperaudio Platform itself.

What follows is a description of our values and behaviour that we hope will ensure vibrant and safe places in which to express ourselves and be creative.

We’ll also outline what you can do if you feel that behaviour does not fit with our or even your* values.

*this document should evolve and so we welcome feedback on how we can improve it as we move forward together


We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive culture that empowers and encourages people to be collaboratively creative, whether writing code or mixing media. The atmosphere we seek requires an open exchange of ideas balanced by thoughtful guidelines:

  • Practice empathy and humility.

  • Allow room for others in any conversation.

  • Seek to understand your fellow community member’s context.

  • Presume the value of others. Everyone’s ideas, skills, and contributions have value.

  • Be kind in all interactions and communications, especially when debating the merits of different options.

  • Be direct, constructive and positive.

  • Treat other people’s identities and cultures with respect. Make an effort to say or spell people’s names correctly and refer to them by their chosen pronouns.

  • Strive to build tools that are open and free technology for public use. Activities that aim to foster public use, not private gain, are prioritised.

  • Work to ensure that the community is well-represented in the planning, design, and implementation of civic tech. This includes encouraging participation from women, minorities, and traditionally marginalized groups.

  • Actively involve community groups and those with subject matter expertise in the decision-making process.

  • Provide an environment where people are free from discrimination or harassment.

  • Encourage all voices. Help new perspectives be heard and listen actively.

Unacceptable behaviour

To help community members understand the kind of behaviours that run counter to the culture we seek to foster, verbal, written or audiovisual comment or physical conduct based on the following is unwelcome:

  • race

  • religion

  • colour

  • sex (with or without sexual conduct and including pregnancy and sexual orientation involving transgender status/gender identity, and sex-stereotyping)

  • national origin

  • age

  • disability (physical or mental)

  • genetic information

  • sexual orientation

  • gender identity

  • parental status

  • marital status

  • socioeconomic status

  • accent

  • language

  • illness (physical or mental)

  • body size

  • neuro(a)typicality

Reporting unacceptable behaviour

The behaviours listed in this section undermine the culture of inclusion and respect that we are trying to build within the Hyperaudio community. We encourage you to report incidents of unacceptable behaviour to safespace@hyperaud.io so that we can take any necessary steps to ensure that we have a safe and welcoming team.

The report will be sent to our community representative who will triage and call together appropriate members of the Hyperaudio team to decide upon the necessary action. You will be kept informed at all stages of the process and all details will be kept private and your anonymity guaranteed.


The Hyperaudio Team is greatly appreciative of the multiple sources that we drew from to build this Code of Conduct, including:

Dated: April 2022