A new way of looking at audio and video.

Transcribe, translate, repurpose and share.


Make audio and video more accessible by using the interactive transcripts and captions we produce from transcribing your media. You can edit transcripts and specify speakers using our intuitive Transcript Editor.


Reach a larger audience by requesting automatically translated multilingual transcripts and captions. We can transcribe into over 20 languages and translate into around 80! Our Editor allows you to tweak both translated transcripts and captions.


Make the most of your content by converting it into various formats — whether it’s text for blogs, captioned video snippets for social media or audio clips for your podcast. Our Remixer provides a unique text-based way of creating mixes from one or more sources.


Leverage the power of your community to remix media and share clips, summaries and mixes. Export and embed Interactive Transcripts on your website. Share a link to a transcript or remix or share an excerpt by highlighting the corresponding text.

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How can Hyperaudio help?

Hyperaudio puts transcripts at the heart of your media workflow

Making transcript-based editing and remixing a joy.

Edit your Podcast in double-quick time

And get a searchable Interactive Transcript into the bargain.

Encouraging media literacy with Hyperaudio for Schools

Show students how to create and evaluate media. Video essays anyone?

Make your online conference super-accessible and multilingual

Search, comment and share conference material with the world.

Export your media and transcripts in a number of popular formats

Check out our Wordpress plugin!

Capture lectures—experience them remotely and in your own time

Bookmark, annotate and summarise the good bits.

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